ahmed_darwish Minister Of State For Administer Development Ahmed Darwish , He received the Egyptian National Engineering Award for the year 1999. He is a member of few scientific and professional societies and on the editorial board and a reviewer for a number of publications. He shared in the design and development (and hold 50% of the IP) of 2 wireless simulation tools. He has over 64 publications in journals and scientific conferences, shared in 2 books, 11 invited talks and few sponsored research programs.Dr. Darwish was a consultant to a number of international organizations (UNESCO, FAO, ESCWA, European Union and World Bank), government organizations and companies both in the United States and Egypt. During the last 3 years prior to becoming the Minister of State for Administrative Development he acted as the e-Government Program Director at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. He led the team to prepare the National Project Document on e-government and coordinate the implementation efforts.
sherinelrayesConference Chair Sherin F. Elrayes CEO and Chairman of Concord for Exhibitions and Conferences, Entrepreneur with an engineering background, experienced in all aspects of corporate shows and events planning and organization, and with a successful track record in marketing and business development. Has successfully started and operated several businesses and as a result, he has considerable experience in management skills including decision-making, tactical and strategic planning, administration, human relations, budgeting, implementing marketing campaigns.
GamalGhietas Gamal Ghietas IT Editor in Al Ahram Editor in Chief (Loghat El Asr Magazine) Won the first prize of the World Federation of the Business Software Alliance in 1998 as the best editor in Egypt and the Arab region, who wrote in the field of intellectual property protection of computer software piracy. In February 2001, received the tribute of the Center for Information and Decision Support Council of Ministers of Egypt, for his efforts in spreading the culture of information technology in Egypt, and receive d the honorary shield from Dr. Fathi Sorour, Speaker of the Egyptian people. Hold s a prize for the best newspaper articles on total quality journalism from Arab Dubai School of TQM for the year 2004, about an article on quality assurance in the software industry. Jury member in the national competition for online content in Egypt during the 2006 and 2007. Won the State Incentive Award for 2009 in the social sciences branch of scientific culture for his book “Information Security and National Security”.
nabil_said Dr. Nabil Said  “President & CEO Information Technology Incorporation” Ph.D. in Management Nasser Accademy, 1991 M.Sc. in Military Sciences, Signal Accademy in Leningrad, USSR, December 1966

Dr. Nasser Fouad State For Administer Development Consultant and Spokesman no-image

Board Member of Cairo University’s Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Chairman and Executive Manager (approved from Central Bank of Egypt) of Al Hamd Exchange Company (currently under incorporation) , Founding Member of e-Learning and Business Solutions eLABs (e-Learning and Business Solutions (eLABs) was established, as an Egyptian NGO early 2003, as an initiative of a group of distinguished e-Learning content & system development firms. eLABs’ founders, some of which have more than two-decades of experience in educational and multimedia software development, as well as general IT solutions, shared a unified vision which made it necessary to consolidate efforts).First Vice Chairman of the Union of Arab ICT Associations (IJMAA).Ex-Chairman of the Egyptian Software Association (ESA) an NGO founded in 1996 representing the software industry in Egypt, and the common interests of its 63 member-software companies, individual programmers, software related service companies and related software industry support professionals). Head of the Bylaws Development Committee.Secretary General and Steering Committee Member of Eitesal Association.Member of High I P R Consultancy Committee (ITEDA)